Here is a glimpse into the process of some of the projects I have worked on, and news of events and my latest work...

I will keep you posted with my exhibitions and let you know what I'm up to - there are also some step-by-step pictures of some of my paintings, design work and also craftwork (a much loved hobby). I hope you enjoy it, get an idea of some of the process of my work, and maybe get some ideas for projects of your own!


March 2014

Wow, what a busy month! Loads of exciting commissions ths month, starting with a new design for the back patch for the USI Ghost Riders (Unlimited Supernatural Investigations), an American group of bikers who are also paranormal investigators - what an awesome combination! Hopefully I'll be able to get some photos to post up when the patches are made.

I will just touch on a couple of the pieces I've worked on this month...

I was delighted to be asked to produce a character concept illustration of the main character for a forthcoming sci-fi TV series, somewhere between Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek - a young female commander and ace pilot, lively, adventurous and enthusiastic (rather like Starbuck but without the chip on her shoulder!). I designed the dress uniform with a view to practicality as well as style, and the figure is based on the actress who will hopefully be playing the role. The picture is intended, amongst other things, to be inspiration for the script writers, who are still in the process of writing dialogue. Best wishes to all the team - So say we all!

Another highlight for me this month was illustrating the cover for the hardback edition of Vanessa Winter's new book 'Strength of Love', the first book in the Golden Heart series, an epic fantasy love story set in a post-apocalyptic world where mages control the elements and the lead character has a long journey ahead of her. This was a delight, Vanessa is lovely to work with, and there are further illustrations in the pipeline!

February 2014

This month I spent a lot of time working on an exciting digital painting - a poster for a prospective film based on the story of Okomfo Anokye, the legendary king from Ghana who, like Merlin, drove a sword into the ground which nobody could pull free - unlike Merlin, Anokye was definitely a historical figure and the immovable sword is actually still there. He is believed to have known the secret of immortality, and the film surrounds a secret society trying to discover it. There are scientists and a 17th century spy in it too, it sounds fun! Other projects included the cover for Tristan Starchild's new single 'Black Out', the completion of the sleeve and disc artwork for JBSA, and a little illustration of a small boy dressed up to the nines, entitled, 'Imagination is Intelligence Having Fun', which was a big change from dramatic posters and album covers!

January 2014

jbsa tactical retreatStill here and still busy! The JBSA album cover is finished, along with a lot of others, some of which can be viewed on my album covers page. I have also completed a surprising number of illustrations for various independant projects, among them a holistic book cover, an antique style botanic drawing for a label for yacon syrup, and several drawings of a glamour model - well they say variety is the spice of life!

witchcraft coverWork is nicely underway on the Witchcraft book illustrations, with the cover and first image completed and the second almost done. They are interesting to work on because despite the painterly style each element of the picture has to be on a separate layer, able to be moved independantly for the animation. Also, the main character can be a boy or a girl, so every picture of the hero has to be done twice, once with a male and once with a female character!

December 2013

Well, it's been an amazingly busy couple of months! All kinds of exciting new projects have come along in a rush. 

I have been working on a number of album covers for various artists, among them Anthropocène, a superb emerging French-Canadian rap duo who bring a unique melodic twist and intelligent lyrics to the genre, and Jedi Bomb Squad Alumni, a punk/hip hop side project of US musician Alex Pauken, whose dark and dry sense of humour makes him a treat to work with!

Exciting project number two is a series of character sketches, some graphics and poster design for Sleepy Hollow the Musical, which is at present gathering financial backers with a view to launching it on Broadway. There are some incredibly talented people involved and I feel very privileged to be included!

The third exciting project which I've recently begun is an interactive book on Kindle, 'Witchcraft', the story of a teenager from a world of magic, who moves to the everyday modern world and begins to settle down, go to school and make friends, only to find that a powerful dark wizard has followed the family into our world. The hero's (or heroine's - your choice) mother is kidnapped by the evil wizard, leading to battles and journeys between the worlds accompanied by a faithful sidekick, over the course of a trilogy. So far I have completed the cover, and the next five illustrations will be coming soon. I've been promised goblins and dragons later, hooray!

As though that weren't enough, along came exciting project number four, and how exciting and projecty it is! I have been approached about co-authoring a beginner's book on drawing people, aimed at ages 5 and up. It will be a simple educational book come workbook, with simple characters for the child or learner to practice drawing, and blank pages included for drawing on. It will be published as both a hard copy and an ebook, with the possibility of sequels later if it's a success.

There are also various smaller projects in the pipeline - producing an illustration for a printed canvas fingerprint tree for weddings for a firm in Canada, a book cover for a lady who does holistic therapy and chakra balancing in Australia, and a series of podcast and social media images for the lovely Sol Danmeri, a holistic therapist and meditation and wellbeing specialist based in Derbyshire. 

All in all, I'm a very busy Cat all of a sudden! I am rather torn between delight at so many wonderful opportunities, and thinking wistfully of a lull so I can have a few days off over Christmas (which has crept up on me unawares and unprepared, as usual!).

I would like to wish all of you a perfect Christmas, peaceful and full of good things, and a bright and hopeful New Year. xXx


October 2013Vishuddha small with watermark copy

I am very excited to announce that my paintings are going to be featured in The Magical Times Magazine and calendar - watch this space for details!

My chakra fairy series is well under way, with more paintings coming soon.

I am also working on several commissions, portraits of pets and children. Remember, if you would like a personal piece of artwork as a gift for someone special this Christmas, drop me a line, I would love to hear from you and answer any questions. My prices vary depending on the time a piece will take, starting at £50 for a 12'' x 16'' painting on canvas. Paintings are usually completed in two to three weeks. For those of you who live outside the UK, I am also happy to ship abroad, but please allow extra time for delivery.

September 2013
Cranberry small

The website for Jon Richards' music is now up and running - - it's well worth a look! There are videos, lots of samples of beautiful music as well as his latest news updates.

I have also been hard at work on a commission, a portrait of the sadly departed Cranberry, a very handsome cat. Sarah, his lovely owner, asked for him to be shown running joyfully through shady woodland, with plenty of things to chase!


February 2013

I will have pictures on display this month in Nurtured By Nature in Wellington, Somerset, in their café. All the work is available for sale. If you are in the area why not pop in and have a look around and a bite to eat? They also sell a wide rage of fair trade products and beautiful clothing and accessories.

I am currently working on an album cover for Minehead based rock band Paragon, for their new demo CD. They have a great sound, keep an eye out for gigs! You can view their website at

Also in progress are several album covers for Jon Richards, for his forthcoming independantly released albums. Two of these will be available to download soon. I am also working on Jon's new website design. You can see some of my Album Covers here.

January 2013 and onwards

AjnaIn January I began a new series of paintings, based on the chakra colours, each one featuring a different fairy portrait.

I love the idea of a picture having the twofold benefit of being a lovely painting as it stands and also providing a bit of colour therapy, balance and harmony. When the series is complete I am planning to have prints and greetings cards made, so that people can choose whichever colours they like, or have access to the complete set. The first painting is Ajna, the indigo third-eye chakra, bringing calm and mental clarity.



 finished blueLED Felted Star

final-window smallMural ~ Carol's Dream Garden

christmas stocking smallChristmas Stocking with Lights